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Hi, I'm Katie.

My interest in tutoring was sparked during my cell biology PhD when I supervised a medical student through his intercalated physiology degree.

Since having left research, I initially started teaching undergraduates and postgraduates via a global agency. My greatest strength lies in my ability to critically appraise the scientific literature, analyse the statistics, and clearly explain these skills to my students.

I have a significant amount of experience helping undergraduates and postgraduates with research projects, as well as teaching IB biology and mentoring IB students through their IAs and EEs. I also teach AQA and OCR A level biology, BTEC/Access course in applied science and science and maths at GCSE.

In the last year I have been preparing students in years 5 and 6 to take their 11+/Kent test, further to requests from parents in the southeast of England. 

I have considerable experience with autistic, dyslexic and ADHD students. I find teaching students whose needs are not being met in mainstream education very rewarding. All students have different learning styles and I use my lived experience and knowledge of the underlying neuroscience to tailor my lessons to suit the needs of each individual student.


My mission is to give each individual the knowledge and confidence to achieve their full potential in their coursework and exams.

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