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About Me

I have been teaching and mentoring students since the first year of my PhD. I have worked with a diverse range of age groups at every educational level from primary school to PhD. 

I am passionate about what I do. I find teaching very rewarding. I tailor my teaching approach to the learning style and sensory processing needs of each student. 


My Services

Online tuition

Whether you or your child need to brush up on one topic, or need ongoing support I am very flexible about how we work together.

Exam preparation

I can teach you or your child strategies to do your best in exams, whether that is general revision, exam technique or essay planning for exams. 

Dissertation support

I can teach you how to search the academic literature and critically appraise it. I can help you to  plan and structure your dissertation, teach you appropriate analytical techniques and statistical tests. I can advise you how to cite papers correctly, produce a bibliography and proofread your work.

Client Reviews

Katie helped me with my biology IA, she introduced me to software that generates graphs and calculations which was very helpful for the IA. I learned a lot about statistical analysis. Working with her was very joyful and productive, I will definitely be able to achieve high points for the work done.

Sofia - Biology

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